All Bollogs, All The Time

The syndication/summarisation standards debate continues to rage back and forth between RSS/RDF, Atom, et al -- even spilling onto the pages of this morning's Globe, with a column from Jack Kapica.

With so much discussion, debate, dissent, and plain silly-buggery it's reassuring to know that we can always count on Gary Turner to marshal the finest minds and come up with a solution we can all be happy about.

Announcing: BLX 1.0

BLX - A Standard For Our Times

BLX 1.0 is a new XML shema designed to be principally used as a dynamic summarization methodolgy, with full optimization for aggregation services.

Adherence to the BLX 1.0 standard involves a careful and detailed assessment of the intrinsic value of a weblog or weblog posting and determining it as generally being of a 'Bollocks' nature in both its style, content and accuracy.


As long time readers (or even casual, just stumbled in drunk while surfing for porn readers) will know, this blog has been BLX 1.0 compliant for the last 3+ years.

And proud of it.

Our guarantee to you: Premium Grade BLX in every single post, or your money back.