Joe Blogs

After years of gentle prodding and persuasion from Sausage, my Dad has finally started writing down some of his family story -- and some of his family's stories.

Rather than keep this great stuff to ourselves, I've launched a sub-blog to host Dad's work-in-progress, and to solicit input, additions and corrections from our far-flung family members. And just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Dad ripped through the first thirty or so pages on holiday a few weeks ago. I've barely had time to transcribe the first handful, and post them to the Joe Blog, over here. Much more to come in the weeks ahead.

Back when we first discussed this project, Dad suggested he'd send me the raw drafts and leave it to me to edit and wordsmith them as I saw fit.

Well other than minor edits to fix typos and punctuation here and there, I see fit to leave Dad's words pretty much the hell alone.

This is my Dad's voice coming through loud and clear. Years from now I want to be able to come back to these pages and read them over - hearing my best friend's rich Dublin accent and roughly cadenced turn of phrase in every line. I'm not going to attenuate the effect by mixing in my own clumsy words or "cleaning up" the style.

I love you, Dad. This is a fine thing you're doing - keep it coming!