Introducing... The Charlie Blog

Following hard on the heels of the Joe Blog - my Dad's new online home - I've just finished putting together Charlie's Den, a home for some of my oldest son's first stories and drawings.

Charlie (6½) has always displayed a wonderful creative enthusiasm. In the last few months he’s started to write these terrific little stories, which I come across every few days, on bits of scrap construction paper scattered around the kitchen table, the basement, or the floor of his bedroom.

They’re far too precious to be left to fade on the cheap, brightly coloured paper fragments, so he and I are going to start posting some of them to his very own blog, over here. Not much to look at yet, but this is intended more as a personal archive for us than anything else.

We have a much bigger story in development too – a hockey fantasy we’ve been working on together for the past few weeks. First drafts of this will also make it up to the Charlie Blog in the next little while.

Next up...the Lily Pad!  Lily (4½) is just as creative as Charlie, but in a different way.  I think Lily's talent may be for numbers - she counts, adds, subtracts, and seems to take genuine pride and pleasure in the sound and shape of numbers.  And she does these killer abstract paintings and drawings.  Soon as we get the digital camera back from the repair bloke, I'm going to start snapping some pics of Lily's art and post them up to her own blog.

At 15 months, Ruairi's probably just a bit too young to have an online home just yet, but the sub-domain is ready and waiting for him.  It won't be long.

Maybe all bloggers with kids should have a little network of sub-blogs in orbit around the parental blog - familial blogs that will one day pull away from the motherblog and forge out on their own.

The only other parent and child bloggers I can think of are AKMA and Si, but there must be others out there.  I think the idea could be catching...