Another J-blog

Earlier today I found out that Mark Evans, all-round good bloke and Senior Tech Reporter at the National Post has set up a blog.

This is great news. Mark has a lot to say about the state of the tech sector in Canada and beyond.  One or two stories a day in the pages of the Post is simply not enough space for a reporter of Mark's range - I'm glad he's started blogging some of the overflow and back stories from his day job.

Another thing I liked was the manner in which I learned of Mark's blog.  Mark emailed me earlier today in response to a routine flack-to-hack question.  In the signature line of his email, he includes not just his position and work contact details at the Post - but also the URL of his blog.  That's a pretty cool move - especially given the prevailing tone at some other major media outlets.

Good for you, Mark - and welcome to the conversation.