I'm UP!

After almost an hour futzing with my Stinkpad, I'm no up on the free, pretty fast Wifi here at the ClickZ/Jupiter Weblogs conference.

This is all thanks to the talented and dedicated efforts of Vince - the resident Jupiter techie. A demi-god sent to Boston to help clueless wifi newbies like me. Thank you Vince, I owe you many, many, many beers.

Michael Gartenberg is just wrapping his opening remarks. I'm missing about 30% of it - too busy stargazing in awe around this packed room. 15 minutes ago, Dan Bricklin sat down 3 seats away from me. Bob Frankston's here too. And Dave, David, Doc, Anil, Denise...the list is amazing.

I'm blown away.

Links later - time to listen.