Small Pieces (not so) Loosely Joined...


I’ve been chatting to, and occasionally blogging about, my mate in the convenience store here in our Toronto office building – to the best of my knowledge the first “store guy” to start his own blog.

He’s mentioned a couple of times in the past the “crazy software guys” who used to run their company from one of the ground floor offices here. Today’s the first time I remembered to ask him the name of the crazy software guys’ company.


The crazy software guys in question were an earlier incarnation of OpenCola - including this particular crazy accordion-wielding software dude who I got to meet for the first time a couple of months ago when Doc was in town, and this guy, whose book I'm right in the middle of reading.

This is like sixdegrees of bloodyflippingcrikey or something.

Here's just one way of working the linkiness:

- I used to work for an absolutely outstanding bloke named Craig Wallace (who now works here), one of whose closest friends is:
- Ken Nickerson who was an early investor in and, for a while CEO of:
- OpenCola, aka “the crazy software guys”, who last year briefly employed the wonderful and talented:
- Cheryl Alden (who now works here, a former client of my current employer), and who was:
- part of the team back when I was El Vente Poobah of marketing at PC DOCS.

- OpenCola is now run by Joel Silver
- who was a client of mine at my last agency, when he was running Salesdriver.com.

Moments like this make me wonder why I sign up for things like LinkedIn...