Making a Name for Himself...

I'm back to gnashing of teeth over the name of this blog. More than two years old now, and I still have ocassional moments of doubt over what I chose to call the damn thing.

You see: almost every time someone new cites a link to this place, they either misspell my name (which I've become inured to by now), or they knock off the end of the blog title, describing it as plain "I Love Me".


It's true, of course - I do love me. If you don't love you, how can you possibly love another? But that's not the point.

And yes, this is a blog, an online journal, a whatever you want to call it - a form of vanity publishing vehicle for even the most humble of us. So the choice of name is intentionally sardonic. But that's not the point.

No. As my "Who He?" page points out, it's a PALINDROME, fercrissakes. That's the Roman numeral "I", not the digit "1". And if you lop the "vol. I" off the end, it's no longer funny.

Once upon a time this seemed like an oh-so-smart idea. Even the URL of the blog is a wanky little word game too: Llareggolb. It's a Dylan Thomas gag. (Look - if you spent close to 3 years suffering undergraduate philosophy and Eng. Lit. at the hands of scary-haired trolls like Dewi Zephaniah Flipping Phillips in Sodding Swansea, you too would be making crap Dylan Thomas gags, so naff off).

My original theory was that once visitors figured out that it's a palindrome, they would immediately realise that the title of this blog is, of course, ironic, witty, and charmingly self-deprecating in an entirely dry, urbane, and just terribly Michaelish kind of way.

But as the traffic and inbound links continue to grow, I'm just getting miserably tired of explaining this. And as my friend Liz tells her kids - if there's only one person laughing at it; it's really not that funny.

So what do I do?

Finally switch everything over to michaelocc.com and rebrand the site?

Chuck a coupla hunnerd million at a brand consulting firm, and pull a PwC?

Or deal with it?

I know for a fact what Gezzie would say: "quit whining and post some more nob gags".

Righto then (at the foot of the page).