Business Blogging

Doing research for my panel thingy at the Weblog Business Strategies gig, I've been finding all sorts of great blogs and bloggers discussing PR, marketing, corporate communications and the emerging role of blogs in this curious dependent world I inhabit. Plan to blogroll most of these sites once I get around to it.

Meanwhile, thinking back through 2+ years of this thing, and reading things like Tom Murphy's excellent PR blog, I'm struck by just how little of the stuff I write here has any obvious relevance to what I do for a living. In 200+ pages of bloggery, I've only mumbled a bit about public relations a half dozen or so times, afaik.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, of course - there's a lot more stuff that interests me outside of the day job. And yet with this conference gig coming up, especially since it's supposed to be covering Business Weblogs, I figure I should maybe add a little more business to the blog.

But don't worry - I'll continue to post the same lameass crap as ever. I'll continue to link to goofy japaness animations and write insane, frothing-at-the-keyboard rants about trivia such as the ingredients of chicken soup.

Just from now on, I'm going to do so wearing a suit.