Insignificant Digits

I just dumped the entire contents of this blog into an MS Word file, just for the halibut.

Since the inaugural post on March 1, 2001, I've written (or, more accurately, posted - as I often quote from other sources, sometimes at length), approximately:

66,609 words or 229 pages.

Crikey. That's like a small novel.

The really interesting thing about this, mind you, is that it is all bollocks. Every single word. You can trust me on this: I've checked.

Quite remarkable.

For those of you just joining the fun who might be tempted to mine the archives -- I think I can save you the trouble of wading back through all 200-odd pages, with a cunning deployment of Word's "AutoSummarize" feature.

Here, then, is the entire "I Love Me, vol. I" opus, presented in summary form, exactly as produced by Word:

(er…wtf? (Again.
Famous authors .
TV Weathermen .
Tennis Stars .
Hollywood Actors .
Even Barenaked Ladies !
4. Ask David .
Heather asks:

I thank you.