I've finally gotten around to adding the latitude & longitude coordinates into my template and doing the GeoURL thingy (see that new shiny green chiclet on the right - under the XML button?)

This turns out to be considerably cooler than I thought it would be.

Quite apart from anything else, registering with the GeoURL database lets me click on that cute green widget and find out about a whole bunch of interesting bloggers within a stone's throw of this place.

As an example - it's a pleasant surprised to discover that a columnist and blogger I've been reading for a year or so (Alex Sirota, aka the "Email Curmudgeon") apparently blogs from somewhere just around the corner from where I'm sitting right now.

It also means anything I blog should start to show up at some point on this funky little service - which uses RSS feeds plus the GeoURL ICBM server to map a World of Blogs. Cool.