Brains Shortage

Fresh off the newswire:

Douglas Hospital - Shortage of brains for mental health research

MONTREAL, April 23 /CNW Telbec/ - "We have a shortage of brains." This is what was revealed by Ms. Danielle Cécyre, coordinator of the Brain Bank of the Douglas Hospital Research Centre. During National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week, which is being held until Sunday April 27, Cécyre has a delicate task: increasing the public's awareness to brain donation.

"By signing the back of a Medicare card, it allows doctors, at time of death, to remove vital organs that can only be used for transplants. The majority of people ignore that they can, simply by signing another form, donate their brain, which will be used for mental health research," explains Cécyre...

...Simple procedures have been established to authorize brain donation. Individuals who are interested or would like to have more information can call the Douglas Hospital at (514) 761-6131, extension "0" and ask for the Brain Bank. There are no age restrictions for donors.

I'm sure you all know people who aren't using theirs.

Act now! Post your suggestions by clicking the "Comments" link below and I'll make sure the names of all potential donors are forwarded to the Brain Bank.

Together, we can overcome this terrible crisis - and do society a great service in the process. I'll even start the ball rolling here, by generously donating this guy:

From my cold dead hands!.