Canuckflack Rocks

Colin McKay continues to be one of my all time favourite bloggers. Actually, not just favourite bloggers - favourite thinkers.

He always finds such terrific stuff to post, and always finds equally terrific things to write about the stuff he's pointing to.

His most recent post today, for example, is a splendid collection of links to pieces collected under the general heading of "Commercial and Decorative Text in Urban Areas". Right beneath that, he introduces us to the remarkable new urban sport of "Sign Spinning" (check out the video). A little further down, there's a useful overview of the pros and cons of Tag Clouds.

He makes me think, makes me laugh, and keeps me coming back for more. Eclectic, well-written, lovely.

And now, it seems, he's been nominated for some kind of "Blogger's Choice Award". I've voted for Colin, even though I'll confess to feeling a little queasy about it. Not because I don't think he should win - far from it. But the awards program appears to be a creation of that Pay Per Post lot, and I really didn't warm to them at all when I heard them speaking in NYC back in January.

If you want a clue to what I find distasteful about this organization's approach, consider that their own corporate blog is currently ranked at #4 in the voting for "Best Corporate Blog" in their own awards program. They're allowing this to happen. That's just wrong.

Still, don't want my happy bunny lovey post about Colin to dissolve into a Pay Per Post rant. A gong is a gong, and Colin deserves his. Go Canuckflack!