Say "Ahhhh..."

According to the news screaming across the wires this morning, the real Deep Throat has finally 'fessed up.

An advance copy of a Vanity Fair article (PDF: here) reveals that the key source who fed Woodward and Bernstein their Watergate info, was W. Mark Felt - the guy who held the number two spot in the FBI during the Nixon administration.

Reporter John D. O'Connor writes a good piece, with some memorable moments such as this one:

"I believe that Mark Felt is one of America’s greatest secret heroes. Deep in his psyche, it is clear to me, he still has qualms about his actions, but he also knows that historic events compelled him to behave as he did: standing up to an executive branch intent on obstructing his agency’s pursuit of the truth. Felt...has lived for more than 30 years in a prison of his own making, a prison built upon his strong moral principles and his unwavering loyalty to country and cause."